Check out the top interior design trends – H.O.M.E. D.E.P.O.T. Exhibition in Vienna

We have been dying for some new inspiration so that’s when the tickets to the opening night of the HOME DEPOT exhibition came in handy. Austrian’s well known Living-magazine (H.O.M.E) organizes this trade fair for past few years. We were quite excited to experience the unique atmosphere of the former „Semperdepot“. When we went it – we had to stop and stare.


The 4.500 square meters exhibition space was filled with plenty of innovative designers. We could see their vision for the future interior trends on the wall, floors and sealing of the depot. Some of the product designs that we stumbled upon while we walked through the three exhibition floors were just too good to be true. However, before we could even take in the beauty of the many inspirational home interior products, we had to stop and breath in the history of this place. The well-known architect Gottfried Semper built the former Semperdepot between 1874 and 1877. He originally designed to be a production place and a stage depot for the theatre decoration mainly of Burgtheatre and the Opera.

The former Semperdepot – almost destroyed

As soon as we stepped into the HOME Depot trade fair, it transported us into the beautiful symmetry of the former Semperdepot. The main hall highlighted the designer’s exhibition with its centralized stage and magnificent chandelier. The upper floors with it’s open “loft” like space and high sealing gave the designer furniture a glamorous look. Not many however, know that this depot was standing empty for decades and some point even threatened to collapse. If not for Ernst Hiesmayr, the former director of TU-Wien, this unusual atelier would have been probably destroyed.  it finally got renovated. The Semperdepot is again glorious as in 19th century. Just have a look at this magnificent space! Gottfried Semper got lucky, its the only surviving building of his in Vienna. He build it in the Viennese historicism style and it remains one of kind thanks to its unusual triangle curved tip.designweekly-blog-home-depot-messe-exhibition-interior-design-product-furniture-latest-trends-semperdepot-vienna10

Plants growing everywhere

The plants we saw on the exhibition were a bit strange. It seems they can grown anywhere, even in a glass jar. Most of all, we liked the composition between the strong crispy colours of the plants and their background. Seems like the big dark windows and the faded violet light fitted perfectly to them.


Chairs we could probably never afford

Finally, we needed a rest so we started trying all the designer chairs and couches that we found. I think I like the green one the most.

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    May 2, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Great post! I loved the exhibition and got so inspired – especially by all the velvet and marble.


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